I am very excited to share my favourite photos with you! (See galleries below.)

Print Media

It can be overwhelming choosing from too many media options and too many sizes. I've made things simple by just making my favourite media available. Here is what I offer:

-Thinwraps: Super light and thin, yet sharp and professional. Float mounted and ready to hang with no framing or additional mounting required! Finishes are lustre, metallic, or canvas material mounted on a thin board. Lustre is generally the best choice for my photography style and looks tack sharp. Metallic looks great with colourful macro critters, sea lion close-ups and bright rivers, while canvas is for the more traditional grainy/textured look (personally I would not typically recommend canvas). More info here.

-Fine Art Prints: Printed on a textured fine art paper, but it needs to be framed separately. The paper is really pretty!

-Desk Art: If you just want something small to put on your desk!

To order any unlisted sizes or mediums, send me an email at

Print Lab

I use a professional print lab in the US. This means duties of about 10% of the cost of a print will need to be paid to the courier. Shipping by US Postal Service is the cheapest option, and although it can take more time, it is reliable. The good thing about this arrangement is that the lab is fast and they make very high-quality prints.


100% money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with any print you get, you can get it fixed and reprinted, or refunded.

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